Niky Wardley

Niky Wardley

Niky Wardley trained at LAMDA.

For the National: Twelfth Night, A Small Family Business, Much Ado About Nothing

For the RSC: A Servant to Two Masters

Other theatre includes: The Catherine Tate Show – Live, The Same Deep Water As Me, Bedroom Farce, Making Waves, The Three Sisters, Our Country's Good, Hello You

Are You Being Served?, Nan, Nativity 3, Love and Marriage, The Spa, In With the Flynns, Coronation Street, Little Cracker, Shameless, Life of Riley, All the Small Things, Parent of the Band, How Not to Live Your Life, Peep Show, Chikipedia, The Catherine Tate Show, Benidorm, The Bill, My Family, Funny Cuts, Silent Witness, Holby City, The Complete Guide to Parenting, EastEnders, The Family Man, Rosemary & Thyme, The History of the Novel, The Hidden City, Casualty

Nativity 3, Welcome to England, Really, Hello You


(Published January 2017. Photograph courtesy of Niky Wardley)