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Nova Reid and David Harewood in conversation

Nova Reid and David Harewood photo portraits, half-length

Nova Reid and David Harewood in conversation

6.30pm Friday 1 October, Free Livestream

Join Nova Reid (anti-racism activist, TED speaker, podcast host and author) and actor David Harewood (Homeland; Supergirl; Othello, NT) as they talk about the systemic racism that impacts the mental health of Black and Brown people.

This conversation is for those who want to be a part of change but feel helpless and don't know how to move forward. David will reflect on his personal experience of psychosis, and Nova will explain how to become an effective ally against racism. Together, we can change the world for the better.

The talk will last approximately 60 minutes, and is being streamed live from the National Theatre, London.  Those registered will also be able to catch up at a later date using the same link. Click the link below to receive your free link to watch the talk live streamed from the National Theatre. You do not need to download any additional software/apps, the talk will be accessed via a browser.

This event marks the release of two new books, which you can buy with a 10% discount through our Bookshop:

The Good Ally by Nova Reid

Maybe I Don’t Belong Here: A Memoir of Race, Identity, Breakdown and Recovery by David Harewood.

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The Good Ally by Nova Reid

The Good Ally is an urgent call to arms to become better allies against racism and provides a thoughtful approach, centering collective healing, to do so. It is a book for those against persistent racial injustice, hungry to expand their knowledge and understanding of systemic racism in Britain and beyond.

It uncovers the roots of racism and its birthplace, anti-Blackness.  It is for those who not only want to be able to better recognise both subtle and overt forms of racism in action, to examine their powerful role in it, but who want to know what to do about it. The answer often lies within.

The Good Ally is the answer to ‘what next?’

Full of punch, humour and hope, and packed with searing research as well as case studies – some toe-curling, some blood-boiling – The Good Ally will show you how, with knowledge, a dose of self-interrogation and a lot of courage, we can broker our privilege and be part of powerful change.

Maybe I Don't Belong Here by David Harewood

'As a Black British man I believe it is vital that I tell this story. It may be just one account from the perspective of a person of colour who has experienced this system, but it may be enough to potentially change an opinion or, more importantly, stop someone else from spinning completely out of control.' David Harewood

Is it possible to be Black and British and feel welcome and whole?

When David Harewood was twenty-three, his acting career beginning to take flight, he had what he now understands to be a psychotic breakdown and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He was physically restrained by six police officers, sedated, then hospitalized and transferred to a locked ward. Only now, thirty years later, has he been able to process what he went through.

What was it that caused this breakdown and how did David recover to become a successful and critically acclaimed actor? How did his experiences growing up Black and British contribute to a rupture in his sense of his place in the world?