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Other than the Connections fee, what other costs might be involved in Connections?

The costs you may incur will vary from company to company. Costs worth considering include travel, accommodation for your director at the Directors' Weekend, rehearsal and production costs for set, costume and venue hire. You will also have to fund your own travel to your Partner Theatre Festival. There will be advice on fundraising in your Connections Handbook should you make a successful application.

When will I find out which Partner Theatre I will be working with?

You will be informed which Partner Theatre you have been paired with by the end of October 2017.

Do I have to work with the Partner Theatre closest to me? I already have a relationship with another and would like to work with them.

Companies are actively encouraged to work with their closest Partner Theatre as we hope you will develop a relationship that will continue after Connections. The proximity of the Partner Theatre to the company will also have implications on costs and audience numbers during the transfer to the Partner Theatre Festival.

Is Connections a competition?

National Theatre Connections is not a formal competition, nor is it an assessment of ability. Connections is a festival of new plays, performed by young people at venues across the country. The range and variety of 250 different productions makes it impossible to determine ‘the best’ and the groups invited to perform at the NT Festival will be a representation of the range of groups who have taken part in the programme. It is a showcase of the national spread and the diversity of groups taking part in Connections. The Connections companies chosen to perform at the NT Festival are selected by the Connections Directors, writers and the Connections team. One production of each play will be transferred to the NT Festival at the National Theatre in London.

The National Theatre’s stages are demanding venues even for professional companies and we do look for certain characteristics in the productions we transfer. These include clarity and audibility, clear story-telling, conviction and energy in the cast, and pace. We don’t necessarily look for elaborate designs, but we do look for a good use of your performance space. We are interested in productions that have observed and realised the writer’s intentions for the play, as the NT Festival is also a showcase for the plays themselves. We are also interested in how groups respond to feedback from the Connections Director when transferring their play to the Partner Theatre Festival.

One of the most exciting parts of the Connections experience is the opportunity to take your performance to one of our partner theatres across the UK.

I have more than one group at my school/youth theatre wanting to participate; can I enter two or more groups?

The National Theatre will accept more than one application from the same company however we won't necessarily select both applications as we look to select a truly national range of companies each year.


I am an international company and would like to take part. Is this possible?

We welcome applications from international companies wishing to participate. International companies will be able to attend the Directors' Weekend, but will not automatically receive a visit from a Connections Director, Development Notes or the opportunity to perform at a Partner Theatre Festival. If you would like a Connections Director to attend and are able to finance their trip yourself, then we are happy to organise and administrate this. If possible, we will also try to accommodate your company at a Partner Theatre Festival, but priority will go to UK companies. The fee for international companies is still the same as for UK companies.

What happens if I'm not accepted on to Connections 2019?

All companies who have applied to participate in Connections will be informed in July 2017 whether their application has been successful. Even if you were unsuccessful in your application for Connections 2017, we would encourage you to apply for Connections 2019. Unless you indicate otherwise, we will also add you to a waiting list should any companies withdraw their application prior to the Directors’ Weekend.


I want to take part in Connections 2018, when can I apply?

Application for Connections 2019 will open in spring 2018. To stay informed of Connections news and the work of the NT Learning Department, please see the  National Theatre Learning website.

Can my students use Connections as part of a course they are studying?

Yes. Many Connections companies use the play as part of their BTEC or A-level courses. This is something which must be arranged through your school/college. National Theatre Connections is not linked to exam boards in any way. Please note that performances must still fall in the time frame for Connections. Many participants have also used Connections as part of their Arts Awards. For more information you should contact your Arts Award regional coordinator.

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The Connections team is part of the NT Learning Department. We are:

Ros Terry

Adele Geddes
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You can contact the Connections team on or 020 7452 3313

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