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Advance, Priority, Young Patron and Supporting Cast members benefit from online booking prior to the opening of general booking. You need to use your online membership account in order for this to work.


Forgot your login or password?

Your login will be the email address you registered with. If you have forgotten it, you can request an email that provides you with a link to change your password here.

If there was no email address printed on the letter that accompanied your latest membership mailing, then we do not have an email registered on your account. Please contact the Box Office on 020 7452 3000 to set up a login to book online.

Online booking tips

  • Online booking opens at 8.30am for all membership levels. For the best experience, please don't login before 8.15am and don't view the dates listings before 8.30am, as the dates pages will be stored on your computer for at least 2 minutes, which could mean you won't see the dates turn to links straight away at 8.30am
  • Do make sure you are using an up-to-date and supported web browser (Internet Explorer 7 or higher and the latest Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome browsers)
  • Do make sure you turn on cookies and javascript in your web browser - you'll get an error page if they're not and you won't be able to complete your booking
  • Do have your login details and card details to hand when starting to book (including your VerifiedbyVisa or SecureCode passwords if you have registered your card with either of these servcies), as you will only have 25 minutes to complete your booking once tickets are in your shopping basket.

Queries or problems? Contact Us

Advance Members

Priority Members

Supporting Cast members

Office hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Emails submitted outside of these hours will be answered as soon as possible on the next working day.

Find out the benefits of Priority, Young Patron and Supporting Cast memberships and Advance membership.

If you are member of the National Theatre and experiencing issues booking online please try the following tips before contacting the box office:

  1. Different levels of membership offer different booking dates. You can see the booking dates for each upcoming season on this membership page once they have been confirmed.

    Ensure that you are logged in. If you are not logged in the website will not recognise your membership status and will not offer you all the dates and performances that should be available to you. To check if you are logged in please look at the top of the current website page you are on. If you are not logged in the band at the top of this page will say “Login”.

  2. If you have logged in and you are still unable to book for new season performances please press “F5” on your keyboard. This will refresh your page and should show the most up to date information.

  3. Deleting cookies stored in your computer may help the overall performance of the website and ensure you are not seeing old content. There is no one standardized way to remove cookies since different browsers clear cookies using different procedures, but this can be done in the settings of your browser, and we provide some help on our Removing National Theatre cookies page.

  4. It may be helpful to try booking on a different device or browser i.e. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

If you have followed these steps and you are still experiencing difficulties purchasing tickets, please contact the Box Office on 020 7452 3060, or Tweet us @nationaltheatre, and a member of our team will be happy to help you to book online.

We offer memberships at a range of different levels and prices which offer a variety of exciting benefits designed to bring you closer to our work. From early access to tickets for every new season and opportunities to secure excellent seats for our shows to exclusive invitations to special events with cast members and creative teams, you will get the very best from your visits to the National Theatre.

To find out more about the different levels and their benefits,  go to the Individual Memberships page.

You can join as an NT Member or Young Patron online here .

Advance and Priority memberships can also be purchased at the box office in person, or by phone on 020 7452 3000.

To purchase higher membership levels over the phone, please contact the Development Office on:

Supporting Cast - Premier Patron 020 7452 3540

Benefactor and Olivier Circle 020 7452 3724

Memberships can be upgraded online at the time of your renewal, by purchasing the NT Membership or the Young Patron membership you wish to upgrade to.

You might also like to contact our Development department. They can be reached on 020 7452 3218 or by email

Membership allows early access to tickets during members’ booking periods, including the first chance to buy the lower priced seats. We do not offer discounted tickets for performances as part of membership benefits, except for the Platform events for Priority members and above.

Booking opens for Angels in America in January 2017. 

Supporting Cast Members: Tuesday 10 January (8.30am online, 9.30am phones)
Priority Members Online: Thursday 12 January (8.30am)
Priority Members Phones: Friday 13th January (9.30am)
Advance Members Online: Tuesday 17 January (8.30am)
Advance Members Phones: Wednesday 18th January (9.30am)
Entry Pass: Thursday 19 January (8.30am online, 9.30am phones)
General Public Friday 20 January (8.30am online, 9.30am phones)


If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us



What is a ticket donation and what does it support?

We do not charge a ticket booking fee online or in person but we have suggested that a donation of 5% of your order be added to your booking in support of the National Theatre. Every penny contributes directly towards our mission to make the very best theatre and share it with as many people as possible.

Fundraising plays a major role in projects such as our recent redevelopment campaign, NT Future, as well as in supporting our annual operations, together with box office receipts, commercial operations and public subsidy from Arts Council England.

Why are you still taking ticket donations now that the NT Future Audience Appeal is over?

The Audience Appeal for NT Future has now finished, following overwhelming support from our community - but we still need your donations. The NT is a UK registered charity and voluntary contributions support all areas of our work, offstage and on, so that we can keep bringing you world-class theatre. For more information visit our Support us pages.

How are NT ticket donations calculated?

The suggested donation represents 5% of the cost of the NT production ticket(s) in your basket. Non-NT productions booked through the NT’s Box Office are not included in the calculation, and neither are programme vouchers or other goods or services.

Is the donation compulsory?

We ask all ticket buyers, online and over the phone, to consider making a suggested 5% donation. It is not compulsory and you can choose to opt out online before confirming the purchase by selecting the option ‘£0.00’ in the donation drop down box on the ‘Personal & Delivery Details’ page.

Why not just increase ticket prices?

We do not think that an across the board booking fee is the right thing to ask of our customers online or in person. We appreciate that ticket cost is an outlay in of itself. Some people are able, and willing, to add an additional voluntary discretionary donation that suits them, and this may change from one booking to the next.

How do I change the donation value or opt out of making a donation with my online ticket booking?

There are two opportunities to opt out of making a donation when booking tickets online. After you have selected your tickets and logged in, you are taken to the Personal & Delivery Details screen; this offers the first opportunity to opt-out by selecting the option ‘£0.00’ in the drop down box in which the suggested donation appears. In this field you can also choose to increase or decrease your donation from the suggested donation. There is another chance to opt-out of or amend the suggested donation on the Order Summary page before you click through to the Payment screen, by clicking the blue hyperlink ‘Personal & Delivery Details’.

I made a donation by mistake, what should I do?

Please let the Development Department know immediately if you have made a donation in error and we can arrange a refund. They can be reached on 020 7452 3218 or by email

Donations can be made online here or by contacting the Development department on 020 7452 3218.

If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us