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Meherunesa's Story | Nowhere To Call Home

Video by the Environmental Justice Foundation

'Living with such uncertainty is torture. We worry, will we last this night? Will we see the day light tomorrow? Even if we do survive what about our children? Will they?'

Full Transcript

Meherunesa's Story: To Save Ourselves

Dramatised by Ursula Rani Smith

Read by Rahima Delvero

Nowhere to Call Home: Climate Change and Forced Migration

Nowhere to Call Home explores the human issues around climate change and forced migration. Photographic and filmed portraits of climate refugees from Bangladesh and Sami people from the Arctic, whose way of life is threatened by climate change, have been captured by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), with their stories told as audio dramatisations by playwright Ursula Rani Sarma.

You can access the live experience on the National Theatre’s flytower, 6pm-11pm between 26 October – 2 November.

To find out more about EJF’s campaign to protect climate change refugees visit:

This exhibition and the related events are part of Season for Change, a UK-wide programme of cultural responses celebrating the environment and inspiring urgent action on climate change.