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All Kinds of Limbo XR | An immersive holographic performance from the National Theatre: Trailer 2022


All Kinds of Limbo is an immersive holographic performance that you'll be able to experience simultaneously with audiences all around the world. Come with us on a musical journey of Caribbean culture's influence on the UK's music scene.

Originally inspired by the NT’s 2019 production of Andrea Levy’s award-winning novel Small Island, it's created by writer and vocalist Nubiya Brandon, composer Raffy Bushman and the Nu Shape Orchestra. Nubiya tells her own story of a life in limbo across the genres of reggae, grime, classical and calypso.

Immersive technologies, the ceremony of live performance, and the craft of theatrical staging will transport you into the heart of Nubiya’s performance space.

Tickets go on sale in January 2022.