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Manor talks

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The Extreme Right Space in Britain

Thur 25 November, 6-7pm, pay-what-you-can, via zoom
Join Paul Jackson as he discusses the extreme right space in Britain, and how to recognise and address extremism.
Paul Jackson is Professor in the History at Northampton University, and his teaching and research focuses on understanding radical and extreme ideologies. Jackson’s research has examined the dynamics of terrorism, neo-Nazism, and other extreme right activities, in Britain and Europe in the post-war period. His upcoming book is Pride in Prejudice: Understanding Britian's Extreme Right, and he is the academic curator of The Searchlight Archive, a major collection of documents related to the history of the extreme right. 

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Hear from the actors

Tue 7 December, 1pm, live on Instagram 
Cast members chat about their roles in Manor, and answer your questions. 
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