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Flesh by Rob Drummond

A black and white photograph, close up of the bottom of a man's face, with a metal fork in front - colours radiate from the fork

Flesh by Rob Drummond

A group of teenagers wake up in a forest with no clue how they got there. They find themselves separated into two different teams but have no idea what game they are expected to play. With no food, no water and seemingly no chance of escape, it’s only a matter of time before things start to get drastic. But whose side are people on and how far will they go to survive? 

This is a play about human nature, the tribes we create and cannibalism.

Cast size: 12 – 20

Why I wrote this play

‘I was interested in the question, “What’s Wrong with Cannibalism?” On the surface, it seems like a slightly comedic, almost ridiculous question. However, it is in answering such questions – and answering them honestly – that the truth of human nature can really be explored.’


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Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond is an award-winning playwright and performer who has worked with the most prestigious theatres in the UK. He is an associate artist at the Traverse Theatre, and his wide-ranging work includes The Majority (National Theatre), the multi award-winning Bullet Catch (The Arches), the critically acclaimed thriller Grain In The Blood (The Traverse), and dating show In Fidelity (HighTide), in which Rob helped audience members find love live on stage.

Rob is currently under commission to The Traverse, The National Theatre of Scotland, the Royal Court and the NT, and in TV, Rob has original series in development with World Productions and Synchronicity Films.