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Nina Raine on Consent

Nina Raine in Rehearsals for Consent

2018 and Beyond

NT from the North East

Pericles | Chris Bush on her adaptation of Pericles

Pericles - Graphic of a sailboat tossed upon waves made of the outline of hands

Julie | Creating Movement with Ann Yee

 Julie at the National Theatre

'Boring Camp and Squalid Promiscuity’ – The Queer Soho of Absolute Hell

Absolute Hell company scene

An interview with the producer of Connections

Holly - Connections Producer

Essential Reads with... Tonic Theatre

In conversation with… Jonathan Kent and David Hare

Peter Egan, Joshua James and Jonathan Kent in rehearsals for the Young Chekhov trilogy

Treasures from the Archive

Mask from The Oresteia

Simon Callow on Legendary Play Agent, Peggy Ramsay

Simon Callow (left), cover of Peggy to her Playwrights: The Letters of Margaret Ramsay, Play Agent