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Young Producers 2022

The 8 Young Producers who took part in the 2022 programme.

This year we ran a new extension to our How To Be A Producer course in the form of a Young Producers Takeover - the first project of its kind at NT! Working with Tobi Kyeremateng and Alistair Wilkinson, 8 brilliant young producers had the opportunity to return to the National Theatre and work with us to programme and produce a series of events (online and in person) to accompany the run of Our Generation, a new verbatim play by Alecky Blythe which follows the lives of 12 young people from across the UK.

This project ran online for three months of ideas, collaboration and detailed planning, which then culminated with an in-person weekend where the Young Producers delivered live events, digital workshops and created social media content over their Takeover Weekend around the provocation, 'what does it mean to be young today?' 

We caught up with some of the young producers and they told us all about the project…

“I loved so many parts of this project! This was accessible, fun & structured in such a helpful way! I specifically enjoyed the Networking Event we curated. Being able to invite industry professionals that I admire to our event - with the NT as a base was amazing. All of the NT staff are so kind, professional & supportive of our work. The staff’s/facilitator’s patience & caring manor was very beneficial. The NT Staff do over & above their call of duty & are so accommodating. A truly special experience & an opportunity I would recommend.”

Phoebe Constantine

"What is Anti-Networking? Even after hosting the event, we’re still not entirely sure. However, we are sure that networking can be fun, it can be informal and most of all it can be genuine. Too often networking is seen as this super functional value exchange. However, Friday night the Cottesloe room was abuzz with early career creatives creating real and exciting new connections and engaging in career accelerating conversation with a host of invited industry professionals. Chill tunes from our in-house DJ and the finest snacks M&S can offer kept the night cruising to the finish line. Oh, and did we tell you...nobody wanted to leave! We can’t wait to see where our amazing early career creatives go next!"

Justin Kendal-Sadiq

Getting to meet Rufus Norris and chat to him about his first job and his career progression was so inspiring and motivating. Every single person we met and spoke to had such brilliant and insightful responses; it’s easy to forget, given the past couple of years, how much we’ve missed and lacked just a simple connection with the people we pass by on the street. The chance to have a simple chat with people of all backgrounds was something that felt special, regardless of what the conversations were for. 


Alongside these in-person and digital event, they took control of the National Theatre's social media channels for the weekend, asking people questions on Twitter and Instagram around the theme of what it means to be young. As well as socials, they went out on to the South Bank to the general public some questions around their theme too - they made the two videos below which were shared on our socials over the Takeover weekend. 

Describe what it means to be young?

What was your first job and how does it compare to now?