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Nine Night: Nine Questions for Playwright Natasha Gordon

Natasha Gordon, writer of 'Nine Night'

New for 2017 and 2018

National Theatre entrance

Our new season at a glance

National Theatre entrance

2018 and Beyond

NT from the North East

Nine Night: Nine Questions for Director Roy Alexander Weise

Roy Alexander Weise, director of 'Nine Night'

40 Years of June Watson at the National Theatre

Ten questions for... June Watson

June Watson as Genevieve in 'John'

Ten questions for... Tom Mothersdale

Tom Mothersdale as Elias in 'John'

A bluffer’s guide to… Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen at the Grand Café, Ibsen's portrait by Edvard Munch

Mozart: fact or fiction?

A Scene from Amadeus with Adam Gillen as Mozart