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Ten questions for... Jamie Beddard

Jamie Beddard and Rebecca Brewer.

1. Who do you play in The Threepenny Opera?


2. Describe The Threepenny Opera in three words.

Resonant, anarchic, bloodygood.

3. Is there a scene you particularly enjoy performing?

Beggars and big flags is particularly nerve-touching in these troubled times, and great to be part of.

4. Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Mainly talking shite with my dresser, the occasional cookie and deep visualisation!

5. What would be your dream role?

King Lear. Failing that, third spear carrier will do me.

6. Team Jenny or Team Lucy?

Blimey, have never considered such a divisive question. Both brilliant.

7. Who is your backstage hero?

The backstage staff: stage door, dressers and stage-management. All brilliant, and have made my time at The National very special. Lots of heroes, sorry. Linda [at stage door] is obviously a legend and the security staff have been brilliantly helpful.

8. Where’s your favourite spot in the National Theatre?

Middle of the Olivier stage.

9. What’s the most memorable on-stage moment you’ve seen or been part of that has made a lasting impression on you?

My theatre debut in the Graeae production of Ubu at the Tom Allen Arts Centre.  Amazing play which opened up a new world of possibility for me. I swore a lot in fringe theatres, now I swear a lot in premium venues.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

Don't play poker offstage, it can delay entrances. And 'act better' is always a useful internal note. And don't nick my jobs!​


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