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National Theatre Blog

2018 and Beyond

NT from the North East

David Hare at the National Theatre

Nine Night: Nine Questions for Playwright Natasha Gordon

Natasha Gordon, writer of 'Nine Night'

Eugène Ionesco: A Bluffer's Guide


Nine Night: Nine Questions for Director Roy Alexander Weise

Roy Alexander Weise, director of 'Nine Night'

Pericles | Chris Bush on her adaptation of Pericles

Pericles - Graphic of a sailboat tossed upon waves made of the outline of hands

Julie | Creating Movement with Ann Yee

 Julie at the National Theatre

'Boring Camp and Squalid Promiscuity’ – The Queer Soho of Absolute Hell

Absolute Hell company scene

An Octoroon | Interview with Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Playwright

Brandon Jacob-Jenkins

Nina Raine on Consent

Nina Raine in Rehearsals for Consent