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Emma Pile

My role is Digital Artist.

Emma Pile

I trained in Theatre Design at Central School of Speech and Drama. After graduating, I applied for the Assistant Design Associate position at the National. This 18-month contract allowed me to work with and assist some of the best theatre designers in the country. Whilst doing this the NT trained me in AutoCad, and how to create technical drawings. These drawings are used by designers, production managers, crew, lighting, sound and constructors in order to discuss and create all scenic elements to any given set.

Whilst learning all of the skills above I also had opportunities to design Development events, and curate exhibitions within the building.

Part of my role then developed to include creating digital artwork. This is anything from wallpaper prints to posters to full-on projected images during the show.

This role has now developed even further to include pre-visualisation. We are able to model the set in 3D, and place it into a virtual Olivier, Lyttelton or temporary theatre/Dorfman. This is used to check sightlines and plan and plot complex scene changes.

I have now been working at the NT for 5 years. In that time I have worked as an Assistant Design Associate, Design Associate, Project Draughtsperson, Designer (for events, exhibitions and even one show!), Curator, and finally Digital Artist.

Take every single opportunity that’s given to you and run with it. Make the most of any training you receive – especially if it’s free!!

Be enthusiastic, honest and always willing to go that extra mile, be someone people enjoy working with and you’ll always be asked back!