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This page contains answers to the three most frequently asked questions on using this website, which are:

1. Where do I log in or register? Log in here and see below for where to find the login button for future use
2. Are there quick links to all the main shows on the homepage?
3. Where and how do I find listings of all that's on at the National?

Following the answers to these three questions there is information about this website structure and a link to a form to report non-ticketing feedback on the website. If you are having probelms with buying tickets, please contact the Box Office using the contact details above.

1. Login and Register

(and subsequently Logout and My NT) are located on a bar that on desktops is always visible at the foot of the browser screen, and therefore requires no scrolling to be able to click on. On mobile devices, the bar is at the top of the screen. This bar also has the link to your basket.

Login location help

2. Links to all shows

The listing of all the shows we are selling tickets for has been replaced by a sequence of carousels, which provide the context of where a show is being performed. This allows you to select shows which are playing at the National, in the West End, are being broadcast as part of NT Live, are on Tour or are playing in other venues. We also have the title and image of each show to make it easier to select.

Help for using the listing of shows on the home page

3. The Buy tickets & what's on section

This section allows you to view everything that we are presenting by the show/event or by date (Calendar). Under the Calendar option there are pre-set periods or you can enter a date range. This is also the section where 'Season' information is presented, allowing you to view the online season brochure, download pdfs of Rep brochures and also follow a link to future events and when they will be booking.

What's On Event and Calendar listings help

Having trouble using the site? Please contact us and we'll try to help you as quickly as possible.

Need help with tickets? If you are having trouble buying tickets, please contact the Website Booking Helpline:

Open Monday - Saturday, 9.30am - 8pm and Sunday (when there is a performance at the National Theatre) 12 noon - 3pm.

Call: 020 7452 3060.


Other contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.

To report any other bug, please use the Website Feedback Form.

There are a number of points worth noting when using this site.


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The main navigation is at the top of each page.

Each section of the site has main and subsidiary links on the left of each page. Where the latter exist, they lead to more information relating to the subject selected from the main links in the left hand column.


There is a site-wide free text search (in the top right of this page) and also a date range search for calendared events.

Login/Logout, MyNT and View basket links

These links, together with social network sharing links, are all located in a 'floating bar' at the foot of the screen. This bar should always be visible, allowing you to reach the relevant pages on the website without scrolling.


The site is, in its simplest form, divided into five main sections, or ZONES: Buy tickets & what's on, Your Visit, Discover more, Support Us and Shop. Each represents a different element of the NT. You can see the overall contents of the site by visiting the Sitemap.

Website feedback form

Please use the Website feedback form to report technical problems or errors relating to the design or performance of the site.

Problems regarding ticketing should be directed to , other contact details can be found on our Contact page.