An Introduction to Anton Chekhov

Running time: 6.50mins

Film maker: Joanna Coates

Anton Chekhov is considered to be one of the greatest playwrights that ever lived. This film explores his life and works, considering what makes his plays still relevant and restagable.

This film features:
 Michael Blakemore (Director), Dr. Rosamund Bartlett
 (Author), Michael Pennington 
(Actor and Author) and Dr. Julie Curtis.


In this collection, leading playwrights explain some of the key elements of a well-written play, and discuss how they approach them in their own work. David Hare, Katori Hall, Matt Charman, Nell Leyshon, James Graham, Alia Bano, Richard Bean, Anders Lustgarten and Roy Williams talk about writing dialogue, creating characters, structuring a narrative and more. They also offer some top tips for first time writers, and discuss their own writing methods.