Dorfman Theatre

The Dorfman Theatre (formerly the Cottesloe Theatre) has been redeveloped, with a greater capacity, more comfortable seats, better sight-lines and enlarged foyer spaces.

It is the smallest, the barest and the most potentially flexible of the National Theatre houses.

It is a dark-walled rectangular room, which can hold up to 350 people, but may readily be rearranged to take fewer. On three sides of the room there are two levels, the balcony and gallery, which look down on an adjustable floor-space which has no fixed seating or staging. This space may be used for classical staging, for the latest experimental theatre, or for practically anything in between. You can stage an event at one end with or without a proscenium, in a corner, or in the centre. You can clear the floor of seats, or group the audience close in around a central happening. Everything is open to change except the balcony and gallery, which are reminiscent of the inn-yards that preceded Shakespeare's stages.

Due to the flexibility of the staging, the seating is different for almost every different production, and as such, we do not have seating plans available online. If you are in doubt about the suitability of a particular seat and  whether it may have restricted views, please call the Box Office on 020 7452 3000.

The Dorfman entrance is on the east side of the National, opposite the IBM building.

There is a bar and a small selection from our Bookshop in the Dorfman foyer, and a cloakroom is also available.

Neptune Investment Management is the National Theatre’s Dorfman Partner.