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The Star Seekers

A Wardrobe Ensemble and Wardrobe Theatre Production

by the Wardrobe Ensemble

8 August to 1 September
Running Time: Approx. 50 mins

The Star Seekers

Do you want to fly to the moon? Visit a space station? Become an astronaut?

Star Seekers Alph, Betty and Gammo need your help to save their space station, collect all the orbs and delve into the great unanswered question of the universe: what do astronauts really have for tea?

Suitable for 3 – 8yrs
Tickets: £12 adults/£10 under-18s

In this interactive family show you take the steering wheel to shape the story and the actors improvise the rest. Discover strange worlds, create solar system soundscapes, decide the noises of the aliens and even fire asteroids through space!

Family workshops

Visit the NT space station one hour before every performance to take part in free family activities, or book for a family workshop to take your space adventure out of this world.

Meet The Star Seekers: Post-show Q&A, 14, 20 and 30 Aug 12.30-1pm
The Star Seekers: Create your own Story, 1-2.30pm, £5/£3
The Star Seekers: Create your own Music, 4-5pm, £5/£3


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4 star rating

Appeals to a child’s wide-eyed wonder and hunger for exploration... It’s silly, sparkling stuff.

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