Bring your imaginations to the Clore Learning Centre and discover the skills and secrets behind productions at the National Theatre.

Family days for adults and children to enjoy together take place every Friday and Saturday during the summer holidays.

Booking is now open for the events below.

Details of family workshops on The Comedy of Errors will be announced at the end of August.

Discover the skills and secrets behind productions at the National Theatre...

  • Have a go at designing a costume 
  • Learn how our actors perform realistic fights on stage
  • Find out how music is used in NT productions and try your hand at composing
  • Meet some of the team who work behind the scenes to bring NT productions to life

All children must be accompanied by an adult. Each adult may only be responsible for up to three children. 


You are Ground Control, and Futuretron is asking for your help to decide the future of a new planet.

Become a playmaker for the day at the Clore Learning Centre and treat your family to a unique behind-the scenes experience.

Work with an NT puppeteer to create a canine companion. Using only paper, scissors and masking tape, you will make and learn how to animate a puppet dog.

Experience what it feels like to be a War Horse puppeteer and discover how the famous life-sized puppets were created.

Find out how the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and Caterpillar were created and make a mask or a headdress for your favourite character.

Become a theatre designer for the day. Come up with ideas and sketch your designs before creating a set model for a fairytale location.

Play the fool and use mask and slapstick to create a comic sketch with your family.

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