A Brief Introduction for Valentine's Day

Alongside the Star Quality exhibition, come and enjoy an evening of Brief Encounter.

A Brief Introduction
Thu 14 Feb, 6pm Lyttelton
Prior to the screening, find out why Brief Encounter has maintained its cherished place in cinema history. Guests include Celia Johnson’s daughter, Lucy Fleming, recalling one of her mother’s best-loved performances, and Coward biographer Philip Hoare.
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Brief Encounter
Thu 14 Feb, 7.40pm Fly Tower (best viewed from the Baylis Terrace)
A free outdoor screening of Coward’s celebrated story of repressed 1940s passion on Milford Junction railway station. Be sure to bring blankets (and your date) to keep warm; Mrs Bagot and Beryl will provide teas, coffees, Bath buns and Banbury cakes.

Enjoy a romantic supper in the Mezzanine restaurant after the film. Reserve your table on 020 7452 3600 quoting ‘Valentines offer’ and get a bottle of Prosecco for free. 

David Lean retrospective at BFI Southbank

At BFI Southbank in June and July 2008 there will be a retrospective of the 16 feature films Lean directed, including the classics In Which We Serve (1942), Great Expectations (1946) and Brief Encounter (1945), as well as a number of the more significant ones he edited, including Pygmalion (1938) by Anthony Asquith and 49th Parallel (1941), directed by Michael Powell. The two-month season, in association with Film 4, will also include events with documentary clips, discussions and feature presentations from experts exploring themes around his career and working style. Full details of the programme will be announced in the spring.

Visit bfi.org.uk/lean for more information and to sign up to the email list.

Photo © Rex Features

  • War Horse
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  • The Hard Problem
  • Rules for Living. Instruction image for combining people and objects
  • Parades banner for Light Shining in Buckinghamshire
  • Everyman - a figure in a bleak space with cartoon finger pointing down at his head
  • The Beaux' Stratagem - Portrait of an 18th century woman, collaged and retouched
  • The Red Lion. Blurred figure holding a football in a doorway, lit from behind
  • The Motherf**cker with the Hat. Illustration of a head with a hat but no face
  • We Want You to Watch. Female head with wide open mouth and wide open mouths for eyes
  • A Declaration from the People. A graffiti-style wall mural with the title and a sunburst on a brick wall
  • An Oak Tree. Instructional diagram of one male figure raising and lowering another with their hand, as if by magic
  • Brainstorm. Teenage boy with blue exploding head
  • Three Days in the Country: A woman's arms against a tree trunk
  • Our Country's Good: illustration of a figure in the distance with a manacle on the fore-ground
  • People, Places and Things. Superimposed photo of a woman's head with her face repeated twice, once in red once blue
  • Jane Eyre. Woman in a pale dress with an image of flames projected onto her
  • wonder.land - a grinning cartoon cat