Rene Zagger

Rene Zagger
Rene Zagger

National Theatre: The Comedy of Errors
RSC: Arabian Nights
Other theatre includes: Aunt Dan and Lemon, Seeing Red, An Insect Inside, Aladdin, Blind Side

Holby City, My Family, Law and Order, The Take, MI High, New Tricks, Silent Witness, Countdown to War, God on Trial, The Passion, Doctor Who, Nuclear Race: The Israeli Bomb, Rome, Robin Hood, Dream Team, The Marchioness, Casulaty, The Bill, My Good Friend, Wycliffe, Dangerous Lady, A Taste of Honey, Frank Stubbs Promotes, Medics, Second Thoughts, Minder, The Upper Hand, Up the Garden Path, Scandal of Crockham Court, Grange Hill

Interview with a Hitman, Hard Boiled Sweets, Crikey Villains, Night Junkies, O Jerusalem, The Routine, She’s Been Away, The Collector

Up the Garden Path


Published October 2011

Photo by Charlotte Macmillan